About Our Shop

Our Goals

Here at The Tit Store we strive to be the f*cking tits, literally. Our mission is to help our community through charity while making people smile.

We keep our price low so that the donations remain high. Our shirts have a base cost of $30.00 CAD or $40.00 CAD for a custom shirt, so if you would like to add a donation onto your purchase, just add one to your cart! You will find the donations in 'The Tits'. If you can't afford a donation right now, that's cool, we still want you to be able to rep our Tits!


A little bit more information for those who are curious...


What sparked the idea for the Tit Store?

I've always had really small boobs, so I drew a really nice pair of Double D's on a shirt to compensate. It ended up looking really sweet so I made a few more. I really didn't intend to start a business when I first drew tits on a shirt. I posted a few on my Instagram and I had sold more than I could count in 24 hours. Sometimes life hands you an opportunity and you have to run with it, so I did.

What are you hoping to accomplish?

I'm hoping to make a positive impact. It's as simple as that. I want to be the best person I can be and I want to support a community of people who want to be the best people they can be. Each purchase with our store allows you to give back to the community, and each shirt allows you to represent equality and women's rights in the most simple way.

Why does this cause mean so much to you?

There are a lot of causes that I care about, which is why we are focusing on a new charity each season. Inclusion is such a fundamental part of strong community and the Get Real Movement stands behind that belief. We can't wait to work with them and watch their educational programs grow. 

Send me a pic and I’ll draw dem titters
— Emily, CEO